Spies in Disguise

Presentation G.S.Maynooth, 4th Class, 14th November 2012
One dark, misty night Billy was thinking about Sophie, his dream date.

Sophie is the head of The Spies, who he has had a crush on for fifteen years, ever since he started working for The Spies.  All he could ever think about was Sophie. 

Sophie has soft, silky blond hair and blue eyes and when Billy looks at her he thinks, “I see a sparkle in her eyes.”
Suddenly, Billy came back to earth. He was supposed to be preparing dinner for Sparky. 

Sparky was a spy dog who was also an action dog and Billy’s companion, who never left his side. 

The only problem with that was that Billy couldn’t go into his favourite restaurant as dogs were not allowed in.

Sparky was a guide dog so he would be allowed in but the head waiter, Fernando, knew that Billy really wasn’t blind, so he made him leave Sparky outside. 

Later that day Billy and Sparky were walking by the restaurant when they looked in the window and spotted Kat, Sophie’s cat.  She was sitting on the table, drinking milk. When Kat saw them, she stuck her tongue out at them. 

Sparky tried getting into the restaurant to get the cat but Billy stopped him and said, “Don’t go into the restaurant, or we’ll get into big trouble!”

“But its not fair!” Sparky said, “that cat’s in there taunting me!”

They saw the restaurant owner giving Kat a stroke and overheard him saying, “Cats rule and dogs drool! Cats are so much cleaner than dogs.”

But then, everything went wrong - Sparky lost his temper and jumped through the window!