Spidey vs. Lady Baba

Balbriggan Educate Together, 4th and 5th Classes, 08/03/10
Spidey the Spider, who was afraid of Lady Baba, heard Yo Mamma rap:

“Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba,

Dance dance.”

She rapped to distract people so Spidey could eat them.

Spidey was afraid of Lady Baba because she was always stamping on spiders and squishing them in primary school.

Spidey coughed up a half-dissolved hand because he had eaten so much.

Nobody would be his friend and he got lonely because he ate people all the time.

He went into a dark corner and stayed there because he was thinking about Yo Mamma.

Yo Mamma was stuck for ideas for a new song.  After two hours she came up with a good idea:

“Spidey Spidey Spidey, what a spicey spider I have…”

When Spidey heard her rap the new song, he fell in love with Yo Mamma…