Speeder Man and The Baladas

​Ballyroan BNS, 3rd Class, County Wicklow, 27th September 2017

“Can I go to the toilet?” Speeder Man asked.

He went into the toilet and felt something bite him.

The next day when he was hanging out with his girlfriend in The Yellow House, he saw a wall and wanted to climb it.

He climbed the wall with his nose! It stuck between all the cracks.

“How have you done that?” asked Speeder Girl.

“I think it’s connected to the bite I got when I was in the toilet” he replied.

Speeder Girl threw him over the wall and then they kissed and the Speeder jumped off Speeder Man’s back and onto Speeder Girl.

One of the Baladas flying was overhead.

“Kissy wissy twit twoo” he shouted.

Then they caught glimpse of a hooded figure and it started raining marshmallows…