Sparkles’ Adventures

​Scoil Padraigh, Westport, 4th Class, 14th June 2016

Sparkles the unicorn woke up in her marshmallow house on a dark and cloudy morning.  

She ate her usual breakfast of rainbow drops and saw that it was raining bubbles outside.  

Sparkles felt frightened because she was very afraid of bubbles. She was afraid of bubbles because she was allergic to them and when they touch her she turns black.   

The Bubble Master was Evelyn, the evil squirrel.  She once put an evil spell on the bubbles that caused Sparkles to develop an allergy.  

“I wonder if I should text my friend Professor Porkenstein on my Candy Apple phone?

I’m afraid that evil Evelyn will find out what I am up to!” thought Sparkles.

Sparkles looked over at the teleporter in the corner and thought about teleporting to Porkenstein’s Lab. 

“If I teleport to the lab, I  can avoid the weather AND Evelyn.  Porkenstein might have a solution,” thought Sparkles the Unicorn…