Sparkle and Uni’s Adventure

St Francis Junior School, Priorswood​, 2nd Class, 7March 2019

There was once a unicorn called Sparkle. One day, Sparkle jumped out of a train.

She found a pet hamster. Sparkle played and fed the hamster.

Sparkle met Uni the unicorn up at the hills.

“Hi! What’s your name?” asked Sparkle. “My name is Sparkle.”

“Hi! My name is Uni,” the other unicorn replied.

Sparkle said, “Would you like to be my friend?”

“Yes,” said Uni.

They swam in a pool and climbed up a hill.

Sparkle saw a spider on the hill and nearly fell off!

Uni saved Sparkle from falling. They kept climbing up the hill.

They got a little scared while they were climbing.

Sparkle asked Uni, “Can I go to your house?”