Sophie the Booger Bomber

​Lacken NS, County Wicklow, 5th/6th Class, 5th October 2016

Sophie the troll and Jeff the Kangaroo go off on a nose-picking streak to Hawaii.

Sophie climbs into Jeff’s pouch, and he jumps from Ireland all the way to Hawaii. 

“On the way,” Sophie says, 

“shall we see who can pick the biggest bogey?”

Instead, Sophie and Jeff listen to Heavy Metal music on his iPhone 7 on the journey.

Sophie sees a bird, pulls out a slingshot from Jeff’s pouch, and shoots the bird with an acidic-bogey.

The bogey returns with the bird-snot, which flies into Jeff’s mouth.

“You should be a troll-soldier,” Jeff chokes.

“But then how will I remember..? Will I be too busy to eat all of my bogeys?” asks Sophie.

Just then, a fleet of army helicopters appeared out of nowhere…