The Socks

Holy Family SNS, Rivervalley, Swords, 4th Class, 10th October 2012
Once upon a time there was a gorgeous, sunny day.

Suddenly, a shadow sped across the sun.  Was it a bird?  Was it a plane?  Or was it a pineapple?

No! It was a boy called Jerry.

Some people thought he was nine.  Some people thought he was ten.  Nobody knew for sure!

On this particular day, Jerry was flying to China to see his best friend, Mr Pineapple (who is actually an orange).  Mr Pineapple lived in a secret treehouse.  You could only get in by using the password: “rainbow” and also using your thumb print. 

Because Jerry was Mr Pineapple’s best friend, he had his own personal thumb print scanner.   When Jerry reached the treehouse, he said the password, scanned this thumb and went inside. 

Unfortunately, Mr Pineapple wasn’t there.   Jerry decided to make himself comfortable. He kicked off his shoes and threw his socks into the corner. 

There was a piece of chocolate fudge cake sitting on the table.  

Jerry thought to himself, “I’m a bit hungry after flying all the way to China,” and started to eat the cake. 

Just then, he heard muffled sounds coming from the cupboard. 

Before he could investigate, a pressure pad inside the chocolate cake triggered a trap door to open up below him and he fell down into a cage made of bananas! 

This was a disaster for Jerry.  When he was really young, bullies had thrown bananas at him. 

Ever since then, he’s had a great fear of bananas.

The thing about Jerry is that when he gets afraid his powers start to go and he can no longer fly. 

Under normal circumstances, Jerry drank a special drink that gave him his power but he didn’t have any with him.  Luckily, he did have a pair of magic socks that worked as a back-up. 

Then he remembered he’d foolishly taken them off earlier! 

What was he going to do now?