Snowy and the Skeleton

Our Lady of Consolation NS, Donneycarney, 1st class, 19th November 2018

Once upon a time, Sam the Skeleton met a bunny called Snowy.

So Snowy introduced himself to Sam and he said, “Hi, I’m Snowy.” They took a selfie together.

Snowy and Sam decided to go get ice-cream together in the shop.

They had a drawing competition.

So one of them drew a dead person and one of them drew a dead shark.

Snowy drew the dead shark because he liked sharks. He drew the picture from a picture he had on his phone.

The Angel of Darkness appeared behind them. She judged the competition for them.

The Angel of Darkness asked why the bunny was there.

The bunny said “I’m a killer bunny.”

A unicorn appeared and warned Sam and Snowy that the Angel of Darkness was a mean person and could kill them.

The bunny said, “Hello Darkness, my old friend.”

The unicorn said, “I’m out of here” and went to McDonald’s. Sam and Snowy followed the unicorn.

They all decided to dab together. In fact, every single creature in McDonald’s began to dab.

The bunny said, “I should be nice now” to his friends. Then they all stopped dabbing and had a party.

The party turned into a dance party...