Snatcher’s Crazy Day!

St. Rose’s N.S. 4th Class, County Wicklow, 18th October 2017

Once upon a time there was a shark , with crocodile feet and a hawk’s head called Snatcher.  He lived on a farm.

One day he went down town and he met a big potato that looked like a butt! 

The potato’s name was Axepert.

They went to McDonalds and met Ronald McDonald who threw spiders at them with a spider gun. 

Snatcher ran to the person at the cash desk and asked for a big Macie. 

He then ran out but forgot the red sauce.

Axepert the potato jumped on the ketchup and squeezed sauce all over Snatcher.

“Oh my God the spiders are coming for me” screamed Snatcher.

“Help me” Axepert replied as he belly flopped onto the spiders.

Just then a family came into McDonalds and saw Snatcher  -  they ran away screaming!

Snatcher didn’t know what to do.  He puked venom and ran out the door to find himself in a dead end…