Smaller, Smaller and Smaller

Presentation Girls School, Maynooth 4th Class 11th April 2011
Johnny the Leprechaun woke up as the light shimmered through his old leafy curtains.

It was St. Patrick’s Day so he got up to see if his birthday wish had come true.
Johnny looked in the mirror and took a deep sigh because nothing had changed.

In fact, he was smaller than ever before.

Sammy the Munchkin knocked on Johnny’s door and said, “Do you want to come to the park and go on the loopy-loop rollercoaster?”

“I’m not tall enough to go on the loopy-loop,” Johnny said glumly.

“Well, at least you’re taller than me,” Sammy said.  “Why don’t we go to the forest for a picnic instead?”

Johnny and Sammy went to the forest. As they were walking, Batty the Batty Bat swooped down from his evil lair and snatched the picnic basket from Johnny’s hand.

Sammy sobbed, “My mother gave me that basket!”

Batty the Batty Bat started teasing Johnny about his size.

“Ha ha ha, you’re even smaller than the average leprechaun!” he sneered.

Johnny said, “This is the worst birthday ever!”