Slurb and the Ruby Necklace

Our Lady of Victories GNS Ballymun 4th Class, 18th March 2009
One day, Slurb the Gremlin was sitting in his cave in an enchanted forest.

He was talking to his best friend Slimey the Slug. He told Slimey he wanted to marry a princess named Princess Ruby.

She lived in a nearby castle. Princess Ruby was very pretty and very rich.

Slurb said, “Every time I see Princess Ruby out in the forest picking berries, she runs away from me.”

Slimey said, “It could be because you are smelly. I don’t have a nose, so I can’t smell you. But everyone else tells me you stink. And you look very dirty.”

Slurb got very angry. “You don’t smell so great either,”  Slurb said.

Then Slurb walked into the forest and he saw Princess Ruby. She was crying and holding her nose.

Princess Ruby said to Slurb, “An evil wizard named Wolly has stolen my ruby necklace.

The wizard took my necklace because it has magical powers.

The wizard wants to take over the forest. I will marry you if you get back my magic necklace, my special bar of soap, and take a bath.”

Wolly the Wizard lived behind a secret doorway in a tree with five branches.

Slurb went back to his cave to get Slimey. He wanted Slimey to come with him to find Wolly. But Slimey said, “No.”

Slurb got very upset. He left the cave and started banging on all the trees. All of a sudden, Slurb hit open a magic door in one of the trees. ...