Sloppy Joe V The Farting Dinosaur

Plas Mhuire 3rd & 4th Class , 13th October 2009
Sloppy Joe the wrestler got his name because he loved to eat burgers called Sloppy Joes.  They went all over his face while he was eating! 

The day of his first wrestling match, he ate his burger and went to fight.  His opponent was Hot Dog the Wrestler. 

During the fight, Sloppy Joe tapped out of a submission.  He’d lost his first fight, so he went home to his Ma who lived in a jungle.  

The next day, he went back to fight his old friend Fat Grandma.  Fat Grandma was FAT!  She wore a black dress, had curly hair and was from China.

“Good luck, Fat Grandma,” said Sloppy Joe. 

Fat Grandma was nervous.  She said, “You’re g-g-going down!”  She didn’t want Sloppy Joe to know how nervous she was!

Sloppy Joe’s face was wobbling because he didn’t want to hurt her.  She was his friend.

Then they both said at the same time, “Why are we fighting?” 

They looked at each other and decided to forfeit. 

“Let’s just talk it out.”

They went off to Juicy Burger and ordered two Sloppy Joes, curly fries, chicken and Coke. Suddenly, Sloppy Joe’s worst enemy, the Farting Dinosaur, came into Juicy Burger. 

“RUN, Fat Grandma!”  Sloppy Joe cried. “Watch out, he’s gonna blo-o-o-ow!”