Sleepy Bert and the Talking Pillow

Scoil Mhuire​, Lucan, 5th Class, 21st November 2019

One morning, Sleepy Bert was in school, where he was sleeping in class.

He had snuck his best friend, Patty the Talking Pillow in school.

Sleepy Bert was dreaming that when he got home from school, his king-sized bed would be in his room.

But he was worried that there would be coffee spilled all over it. Coffee was Sleepy Bert’s greatest fear.

Suddenly, his teacher told him to wake up: “Wake up, Sleepy Bert!”

The teacher sent him to the principal’s office for sleeping in class.

When Sleepy Bert went to the office, he left Patty in his school bag in the classroom.

When he remembered that he had left Patty behind, he ran out of the principal’s office.

Sleepy Bert ran into the classroom, picked up Patty and fell asleep again.

The teacher caught him, took away his pillow and gave him a cup of coffee to stay awake.

The principal also gave him detention for running out of the office.

When the teacher took the pillow, Patty started shouting, “Let me go!”

Then Bert heard Patty. During detention, he couldn’t sleep because of the coffee.

Sleepy Bert made a plan to sneak back into the school that night, into the classroom that the teacher had Patty in...