Skully vs. Sassinine on Mount Everest

Delgany National School, 5th Class, 13th December 2011
Once upon a time there was a stressed out marshmallow named Skully. 

He lived in an orange Tic Tac house.

It was his greatest wish to take on Mount Everest by horse.

He went to visit his best friend Penny, in search of advice on how his dream could be met.
Penny was sick and  chocolate depleted.

Skully put her in the microwave to heat her up.

Skully said to her, “Penny, it’s my greatest wish to climb Mount Everest on a horse.”

Penny said, “How lucky.  My cure can be found at the top of the mountain.”

Skully responded, “When I reach the top, I will find it for you.”

Within minutes they had packed and set off for the world’s highest mountain.

But when they arrived they saw Sassinine, the Black Jellybean.

Sassinine said, “I hear you think you can beat me to the top of Mount Everest!?”…