The Shower Goes Boom Boom

Scoil Nioclais Douglas, 4th Class, Fighting Words Cork, 03 March 2020

This is Billy the farmer. He lives in West Cork on the farm with cows, pigs, ducks and elephants.

One morning, he got up and there was an elephant and the cow singing in the shower.

They were singing bla bla black sheep.


 Cowcow the cow got out of the shower but Millie the elephant got stuck.

When Millie the elephant tried to get out, she shattered the glass.

No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get out.

Then Millie realised she wanted to stay in the shower.

Billy the farmer came into the bathroom and saw Millie in the shower.

Billy got a big shock. Billy realised that he was too afraid to get Millie out of the shower, so he took out his twenty dollars and thought.

Suddenly twenty dollars became alive.

Twenty dollars said call your two brothers Bob and Joe, but suddenly Millie nearly ate the twenty dollars.

Luckily, Bob and Joe came before Millie ate the twenty dollars.

When they were distracted by the elephant and the twenty dollars the cows run out and never came back.

Bob and Joe said to Billy that they had an idea how to get the elephant out of the shower...