Virgin Mary BNS, Ballymun, 3rd,4th & 5th Class. 10 November 2009
One day, the Shoe Monster went into the farting department of the shop.

Michael Jackson was doing his shopping in the same shop when Hip Hop Ninja dropkicked him.

Michael Jackson was surrounded by loads of his fans and wanted to get away. He jumped into his trolley and went down the hill singing.

The Shoe Monster jumped in with him and they crashed at the bottom of the hill.

They crashed into a ditch surrounded by zombies, and that’s how they came up with the “Thriller” dance. Michael Jackson saw loads more zombie fans. He said to Shoe Monster, “I’ll get you some concert tickets, but terms and conditions apply. I’m a dead celebrity, get me out of here!”

The rest of the Jackson Five then came along and started singing “ABC.”

Shoe Monster said to them, “Did you know I have rabies?”

Then Hip Hop Ninja came along. He smacked Michael Jackson on the head. Michael Jackson was about to marry his mum. Hip Hop Ninja did not want Michael Jackson to be his dad. He stole Michael Jackson’s white glove.

Michael Jackson said, “You can be my friend, doesn’t matter if you’re a shoe or a ninja.”

Then Hannah Montana came. She started fighting all the zombies. She kicked them over to Shoe Monster. Shoe Monster stamped on them and ate them. It was really smelly.

Janet Jackson came along and a glass coffin rose out of the ground. Michael Jackson was hiding in the coffin. It was where he kept all of his fake noses. He rose out of the coffin and turned into a zombie. Hannah Montana kicked him. Rhianna came and hit him with an umbrella. “You can be on top of my umbrella-ella-ella,” she said.

Then she opened her umbrella and he flew up into the sky singing, “I believe I can fly.”

Michael Jackson came back wearing a superman costume. He landed in the Magical Monkey Head’s garden. “Get out of my garden. There are no celebrities allowed!” he said.

Shoe Monster and Hip Hop Ninja saw him falling into the garden. They jumped up and saw Beyoncé and Super Spider being hit by fireworks. It was New Year’s Eve.

Glowing Green Man came along to try and catch Michael Jackson when he was falling. He left and went to the pub. “To Arthur!” he said.

Shoe Monster and Hip Hop Ninja had to pass through the Magical Monkey Head’s garden to get to KFC. When they saw him, they screamed. Hip Hop Ninja threw his sword at the Magical Monkey Head. He ducked. The sword hit his hair and stuck him to the wall. His wig fell off and everybody said, “You’re bald!”

Magical Monkey Head had kidnapped Michael Jackson. Elvis and an army of dead celebrities came to rescue him. They went into Magical Monkey Head’s house to eat dinner....