Secret Identity

Scoil Mhuire's Iosaf, 4th Class, 23rd February 2009
Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Ashley.  She was really poor and she wanted more than anything else in the world to become a pop star.

Ashley had one big problem, though -  she was really afraid of her brother Zack.  Zack was always mean to her, he played tricks on her and got her into lots of trouble.

One day Ashley noticed a new family had moved in next door.  She felt very excited when Vanessa her new neighbour knocked on her door.


“I’m your new neighbour Vanessa. What’s your name?” Vanessa asked.
“My name is Ashley,” Ashley replied.  “It’s great to have a new friend, all I have for company is my cranky brother Zack.”

Vanessa asked Ashley to come to her tree house.  When they got to the tree house, Ashley started to look in Vanessa’s toy box. 

She began to feel really excited because in the box she found a guitar, a microphone, fancy clothes and shoes and lots of lovely makeup.

Ashley asked Vanessa what they were and Vanessa said, “They’re just dress up clothes.” 

Ashley knew Vanessa wasn’t telling the truth.  She longed to find out the true story!

That night when Ashley was in bed, she woke up suddenly because she heard really loud music coming from Vanessa’s house. Ashley thought to herself, “Is that really Vanessa singing? That must be her secret!” 

Ashley looked out her window but couldn’t really see Vanessa very well as there were lots of people around.  When she managed to spot Vanessa, she couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked with all her pop star clothes on....