The Secret

Pope John Paul II NS, Malahide, 23rd March 2011.
Ever since John Joe was a child, he thought his dad didn’t like him. 

So when he was thirteen he joined a gang to try and impress his dad.

John Joe thought his dad preferred his little brother Kevin. 

One day, John Joe met another boy called Dappy under a bridge.  

Dappy invited him to join his gang, X5.  On his first trip with X5, John Joe stole a mobile phone because it was his dad’s birthday and he knew he really wanted a new phone.

 John Joe was almost caught by the police but the phone was in his shoe and the policeman didn’t see it. 

John Joe gave his dad the phone and his dad loved it. 

“Where did you get the money for that?” his dad asked.

“I’ve been saving up my pocket money,” said John Joe.

“Where’s the receipt?” his dad asked suspiciously.

“I lost it, Dad!” said John Joe.

His dad asked him, “Where did you buy the phone John Joe?” 

John Joe said, “I bought it in the 03 shop down the road.”

The next day, when John Joe’s dad went to the shop to find out about the phone, John Joe packed his backpack and ran to Dappy’s flat.

While he was there, his phone rang and it was his dad!  He didn’t answer it. 

Then his little brother Kevin rang him and he was really upset. 

“Where are you?” Kevin asked.

“Can you keep a secret? I’ve joined a gang but don’t worry I’ll be back in a little while,” John Joe told him…