Scary’s Wild Adventure

St. Philip the Apostle J.N.S. 2nd Class, 15th November 2012
Once upon a time there lived a horse called Scary.

He was a very colourful horse who lived in a field. He was called Scary because he was afraid of the cobra snake that lived in a cave nearby.

His best friend’s name was Ted the robin. One day Scary was walking in the field when he met Ted the robin and they decided to play tag.

“I want to visit the magic plum plum tree” said Scary to Ted. “What is a plum plum tree?” Ted chatted back. Ted was looking for food on the ground.

“The plum plum tree has lots of plums and if you touch one of the plums you’ll get a wish. I really want a  new house so that would be my wish.”

Ted the robin was feeling confused and had a very serious face.

“Wait a minute I’ve just remembered that the snake lives near the plum plum tree.” Scary the horse was shocked when he heard the news but he said to his friend “we’ll still go.”