Saving Santa

Wicklow ETNS, 2nd class,  County Wicklow, 23rd November 2017

Santa said to his friend Rudolph the huskie:

“I hope my worst fear doesn’t come true today.

The thing is- I’ve been doing odd things lately.

I’ve been writing to the evil Santas because I want to speak to them.

I’ve been making toys that never existed before.

I keep sending kids toothbrush holders and walking sticks!! I don’t know why!”

Rudolph the huskie said: ”I’ve been sending letters too!

Maybe they have put a curse on us!”

“Normally I don’t eat so many cookies, said Santa, but now I can’t stop thinking about them.”

Then suddenly the evil twin Santas teleportically appeared, grabbed Santa and vanished with the presents!

Rudolph and Mrs Claus were shocked.

Mrs Claus said “I can’t believe it. What will we do now?”…