The Sausage Thief

St. Patrick’s NS, Wicklow, 5th class, 22nd May 2019

Hi, I’m Barry and today I saw a blue van and it chased me.

I ran away but I noticed Sammy in the rear window of the van.

Sammy the Sausage has been my best friend since I was born.

While I was running to save Sammy I wished I could turn into a burger so I could run quickly because it’s fast food.

I tripped and grazed my knee and the van sped away.

“No Sammy” I shouted! With a long face I walked back to the burger joint.

There were loads of fat customers waiting for their burgers and John who is homeless was outside.

“Any spare burgers left over, Burger Barry?” he asked.

Meanwhile across the street Sammy was arguing with the blue van’s driver.

“Who are you anyway?” Sammy shouted. “I am…