Sausage Quest

Breaffy National School, 5th Class, County Mayo, 11 December 2018

Have you ever seen a talking sausage?

Well, I’m going to tell you a legendary story about a talking sausage named Digeridoo.

It was a lovely day in Chef Jeff’s kitchen.

Digeridoo was feeling claustrophobic in his packaging.

Suddenly the packet was ripped open by the chef!

“This is my chance to escape!” exclaimed Digeridoo as he sprinted towards the cat-flap.

“Wait, you must have the same idea as me!” stutters Raphael the Rasher as he struggles to run towards the cat-flap.

The kitchen cat tries to catch them, but they are too fast and escape.

They stopped and stared in awe at the sunlight around them.

As the sun beams down on them they are nearly sizzled on the spot.

“We need to get to the butchers!” panted Digeridoo. “I want to free all our kind!”

The heavens opened and they hopped into Digeridoo’s porkmobile and headed toward the butcher shop…