The Sassy Sausage Revolution

Our Lady of Lourdes, 5th Class, County Cork 16 April 2018

It was a Friday evening when Christopher the Cheese first came to the big fridge, he was bought from the shop by the evil Mr. Loaf.

Mr. Loaf was very indecisive about what cheese to buy. 

Christopher the Cheese was quite distressed on the way home as he was being squished by Mairead the Milk and the sausages in the bag.

Their leader was Simone the Sausage and she didn't like Christopher because cheese was always more popular than sausages.

He was put on the third shelf with the other cheese and some of the other vegetables.

Just before Christopher was about to make friends with the others on the shelf he remembered the warning from his mum about sausages and the history of cheesy sausages.

“The demented sausages wouldn't stop attacking me on the way home in the bag”, Christopher said “they're looking at me with their evil sausage eyes from the second shelf”

He ignored the sausages and got a big welcome from everyone else on the third shelf including his best friend Brigid the Brussels Sprout.

They were best friends from the shop, they used to hang out together when the shop closed in the evenings.

Brigid was very sensitive and was always crying because people were always complaining about brussels sprouts.

Brigid was just about to get in to one of her crying fits when Christopher's eyes were caught by the very beautiful Henrietta the Ham.

Christopher went over to Henrietta and Brigid got really jealous.