The Sandwich Nightmare

St. Andrew’s National School, Bray, Co. Wicklow, 2nd Class, Fighting Wordsa Wicklow, 11th May 2021

It was a lovely cold winter’s day. Iceberg the Penguin had just woken up.

Iceberg was feeling very tired but he jumped out of bed, got dressed, had breakfast and left for school.


Iceberg slid across the road and past his best friend’s house. On the way, he saw his best friend Spotty the dalmatian.

“Hi Spotty!” said Iceberg. “How are you today?”

Spotty replied, “I am EXCELLENT today! I got an A+ on my maths test.”

“Good job!” said Iceberg.

Spotty took out his lunchbox and showed Iceberg his lunch. “And I have a cheese and ham sandwich for lunch.

It’s my favourite - it’s even better than cheese and onion crisps!”

Iceberg screamed when he saw the sandwich and ran out of the schoolyard.

Iceberg ran all the way back to his house. When his mother saw him, she said, “Why aren’t you in school?”

“I got scared by a sandwich!” Iceberg said.

“Go back to school,” Iceberg’s mother said. “You’re going to be late for your test!”

“Okay,” said Iceberg. He went out the door but went to his snow treehouse instead.

Iceberg looked up and saw some birds and a plane in the sky. He really wanted to fly. He wanted to fly away from sandwiches and from trains.

Trains were also Iceberg’s greatest fear.

Meanwhile, Spotty was really worried about his friend. He told his teacher. The teacher rang Iceberg’s mum and said, “Iceberg isn’t in school yet. Where is he?”

“Two hours ago, I told him to go back to school,” Iceberg’s mum said. “He must be somewhere in the garden. Oh yes, his treehouse!”

“He tells us about that treehouse all the time!” said the teacher.

Iceberg tried to sneak back into the house because he was missing his friends.

His mother said, “You go back to school RIGHT NOW or you won’t get your favourite dinner.

You will have to eat sandwiches!”

Iceberg sprinted back towards school...