Sam’s Adventure

Scoil Thomáis, Castleknock, 4th Class, 18th October 2012
Sam the chocolate doughnut was in the Phoenix Park, walking near the local unicorn stables.

Sam was with his best friend Bob the potato when Bob was kidnapped by evil gingerbread men.

Bob shouted, “Help!” as the gingerbread men carried him away. Sam said, “I’m sorry, I’m too afraid to help you!”

Sam ran away as fast as he could and ran into the zoo.

He went into the toilets and took his ninja suit from his backpack.

Sam always felt braver in his ninja suit.

He put it on and then went to the giftshop to buy sugar cubes to tame the unicorns before

going back to the unicorn stables.

Sam told all of the unicorns the story of Bob getting kidnapped and he gave them the sugar cubes.

The white unicorn said, “We’re afraid of the gingerbread men.”

The pink unicorn said, “They kidnapped my dad!”

The black unicorn said, “They can’t get away with this. I’ll help you...”