Sally's Crash on Mars

Sacred Heart National School, 2nd Class, County Wicklow, 6th February 2019

Once upon a time Sally the Astronaut was flying in her rocket ship. When she was flying, she crashed into Mars.

She searched for the parts of her rocket, when she fell into some alien poo.

Sally wished that her best friend was there with her, when suddenly Emma the mermaid appeared!

Just in case that happened, Sally had brought lots of water with her.

She dug a big hole in the Mars sand for Emma to live.

“I’m worried, because there’s no gravity on Mars!

What if all the water flies away and I disappear?” Emma was scared.

“I’ll make some room in my rocket ship for you” replied Sally.

She went to look for a tube to put the water in her ship.

Suddenly, she was surrounded by snakes…