Sally With A Chance

St Brigid’s Primary School, Haddington Road, 6th Class, 15 October 2012
“Squack!” screamed Sally the peacock. “I’m going to be late for the audition!”

Sally ran to her closet wondering what to wear and decided to wear a big pink flamingo suit.

Sally was going on an audition for Pet Idol, a talent show for animals.  Sally’s dream was to become a huge “peac-star” all around the world, but her greatest fear was the flash of the “peac-arazzi” cameras.

Sally’s best friend Pippy the breakdancing squirrel came to collect her in a limo so they could both go to the audition.  Unfortunately, Sally could not squeeze herself out of the limo. She fell into a huge black puddle!

Luckily, Sally had packed a purple flamingo costume.   At her audition Sally sang “I’m a Peacock in a Peacock World” and “Peac-arazzi.”

The scary judge Simon Owl said, “That was up to standard!”  The crowd gave her a standing ovation. 

And with that, the cameras flashed and Sally fainted, sending her feathers flying into the air!

Sally’s flamingo suit landed on top of Simon Owl. Pippy the squirrel quickly came on stage to drag Sally off and then he began to break dance.

The judges loved him too. Simon Owl said “Twit-twoo! Twit-twoo! I love twoo!”

The other judges: Cheryl Mole, Nicole Bearsinger and Louis Cockroach all gave a great round of applause as Gary Barn Owl flew up into the roof...