The Saga of Gordon McAperson

St. Paul’s National School, Ayrfield, 6th Class, 20th September 2012
Gordon was in the arena, singing the national anthem for the President.  He felt like everyone could hear him. It felt amazing.

Suddenly he woke up.  It was a dream.

Gordon the blue ape hopped up out of bed onto his unicycle and looked out the window.  He saw the scary ant Antonio.  He was black with blue stripes.  He had a big head.  

Gordon never liked this ant because in playschool he once stole Gordon’s apple juice.
Gordon spent most of his spare time in the jungle outhouse practising the national anthem. 

His dream was to sing the national anthem to the President on his unicycle on the day of the President’s birthday.

The President was half-pig, half-pigeon.  He had a pig’s head and tail with a pigeon’s body and he could fly.

The only problem for Gordon was that the President’s bodyguard was the scary ant Antonio.  

Antonio had told Gordon, “Gordon you are not allowed to sing for the President unless you can prove you are not scared of me.”