Rupert's Revemge

Old Borough National School. 05/05/10
Once upon a time, in McDonald’s five years ago, Rupert the Pig Panther was buying Twisty Fries and a large Diet Coke.

Rupert was a very fat pig. His parents had died of a heart attack from eating too much bacon.

His best friend, R- Auq Bot, was also in McDonald’s. R- Auq Bot demanded more fries from the server and threatened him with a banana.

Meanwhile, a little girl was coming up and bugging Rupert by grabing his tail and screaming: “I WANT YOUR BACON!”

The server then said to Rupert, “if you don’t stop making a scene I’ll send you to the slaughterhouse!”

Rupert didn’t like the slaughterhouse because that’s where his old friend, Blobby Joe, died and it was also where they made a thousand hamburgers out of him. Rupert snapped back: “You’ll be sorry when I take over the world.

So get lost!”

R- Auq Bot slapped the server across the face with a cheese slice from a hamburger…