The Runaway

St. Rose’s, 3rd and 4th class, 27th January 2021

One Saturday, Cow Man and Fun the Polar Bear were running away from McDonald’s who wanted to turn Cow Man into a burger.

When they were running away from McDonald’s, Cow Man shouted, “AAAHHH!”

Then Cow Man saw one of the McDonald’s workers in a lamborghini and he wanted to steal it.

Cow Man and Fun went over to the car and Cow Man squirted milk at the worker. 

“Get out of my car!” shouted Cow Man.

“No!” said the worker, in a deep voice.

Just then, a load of cows lined up behind Cow Man and the worker ran away. 

“Fine, then,” Cow Man said, feeling bad. “I’ll buy the lamborghini for one thousand euro.”

Just then, the police cars drove up...