The Runaway

Our Lady of Mercy Convent School Booterstown 4th Class 14 April 2011

“Dear Diary:
It’s been almost eight years since I’ve seen my dad.  I’ve decided now that I’m going to find him this summer with my best friend Scrap.

I’m thinking of building a boat and traveling around the world to find him with Scrap.  I couldn’t do anything without him. 

But first, I have to figure out how to build a boat.”

At that second, Macy’s mother came into the room.

Her mother said to her, “It’s a beautiful day outside, Macy. Go out and play.”

Macy went outside and found  her father’s old boat in the shed.

As Macy ran off to find her best friend Scrap, her brown messy hair (which she never brushed) waved in the wind.
Macy went down the road and around the corner to the orphanage to rescue Scrap, who lived there, and tell him about her plan.

Macy wrote a note and folded it up into the shape of a paper airplane.  She threw it up into Scrap’s bedroom window.

Scrap found the note, opened it, and jumped out the window.

Macy asked Scrap to mend the boat with her. 

Scrap asked, “What is the plan on the note?”

“The plan is to fix the boat and then find my dad.  I’ll come back in the middle of the night, we’ll fix the boat, and run away together,” Macy said.

Scrap agreed to everything Macy said because he had a secret crush on her.  He went back into the orphanage to wait for Macy’s return that night.

Macy went back home.  Just then, Macy’s mom came out and said, “You have to go clean your room because your stepdad is moving in tomorrow.”

Macy felt really sad and sorry for herself when she heard that, so she went up to her room and had a good cry.

Macy told her mother, “You can start a new life, but I can’t.  I don’t want a stepdad.”

She felt that her mother was trying to replace her dad, who she never knew.

Macy took out her diary and wrote, “Dear Diary: tonight’s the night I’m leaving to find my dad with Scrap.”