Roxy Needs A Boyfriend

Assumption Senior Primary School, Walkinstown, 4th Class, 4th September 2012
One day Roxy was knitting, and she got a phone call from a guy called Bob.

Roxy is a purple and green Huggy Monster, with purple fur and green antennae. Roxy lived on a planet called Huggy Planet, where there are loads of monsters and they hug each other all the time. 

Roxy’s greatest wish was to have a boyfriend. So to get a boyfriend, Roxy applied to a game show and on that day had received a phone call from the producer, who was called Bob. The game show was called Hug Me Out.

Roxy called her best friend Fifi, to ask what she should do. Roxy really wanted a boyfriend, but there was nothing she was more scared of than the name Bob.

Fifi was a white and pink talking rabbit with a flower on her head, one orange ear, and one pink and one purple eye. She always carried around a bag of carrots.

Roxy got a present sent through the post from the producer Bob, with a note attached that said, “My name isn’t actually Bob. That’s a nickname because I’m bald. My real name is Bobby.”

She looked Bobby up on the Huggernet, only to find out that he was Fifi’s brother.