Ronnie the Diger

Central Model Senior School Marlborough Street 4th Class 4th May 2011
One night in Digerdanyan, Ronnie, a little pink man with a moustache and seventeen noses was walking along with Ronni, a smaller version of himself. 

Suddenly, Ronnie and Ronni fell into a big canyon.  Ronnie then looked up and saw a creature who was half-dog, half-tiger: a Diger.

Ronnie shouted, “Help us, please!”  The Diger just looked at him and said, “Rawoof.”

Ronnie didn’t understand the Diger so he just named him Fluffy.  Fluffy rescued Ronnie and small Ronni out of the canyon by carrying them on his back.

He knew the way out because he lived close by.

Ronnie told the Diger that he wanted all his noses to disappear except one. But the Diger didn’t understand.

Ronnie started to think that he should try to find a witch to try and get rid of his noses but he was afraid that the witch would use the wrong spell and get rid of ALL his noses.

The only witch who existed was the witch who lived in the mountains far away…