Ronald Ruins Me Flop!!

St Patricks NS, Diswellstown Road, 5th Class, 18th December 2018

Once upon a time, there was a flipflop named Jimmy that went to a Gucci shop, but there were no Gucci flipflops left.

Jimmy raged at the shopkeeper, “You should have more flipflops in stock!”

The shopkeeper picked Jimmy up and threw him out of the shop.

Then he met his friend Big Fat Donkey The Flipflop Ruiner whose mouth was full of flipflops.

He had eaten too many flipflops and had to go to the doctor.

So Jimmy the flipflop ran home over the bridge to where he lived, and he flipped and broke his flop.

Ronald Sneaker came and started throwing rocks at his flop.

Jimmy tried to roll off the bridge and roll home but fell off the bridge, and was hanging off by his flop…