The Romantic Dinner with the Skeleton, John and Jessica

St. Patricks JNS, Corduff. 2nd Class. 14 October 2009
Five weeks ago John, the half-ghost, half-vampire, was flying around the park to try and find people’s souls to take.

It was just around half past midnight. He saw three children and their mam walking home through the park. He decided he’d really like to sneak up on them and steal their souls.

When the children weren’t looking John swooped down  SSSHP SSSHP OOOOOOO!  and shouted, “Woooooooooo!” as he went into their bodies and took their souls.

“Ha ha ha, I took your souls and you can’t get them back,” he laughed.

On his way home John spotted his best friend Jessica down the road and called out, “Hello!”

Jessica, who was also a ghost, turned around and flew over to him.

“Hello” she replied.

John said “Do you want to come over for dinner tonight?” (John was secretly planning to propose to Jessica!)

They walked towards John’s house when suddenly a skeleton came out of the night. They screamed quite loudly at first. They were terrified of skeletons and ran all the way back to John’s house.

But the skeleton followed them home. He told them
“I just want to be friends with you,”

But John didn’t listen.

“We know you’re trying to scare us,” he told the skeleton. “So leave us alone!”

Jessica felt very sorry for the skeleton. She went over to the door and invited him in for dinner. John was angry and jealous…