Roger And The Chicken Nugget Go to Space

Scoil Thomáis, Castleknock, 4th Class, 25th October 2012
This is the story of Roger, the superhero nerd, and his best friend, Higwid the invisible chicken nugget. 

“Hello, my name is Roger,” he always said to Higwid every time they met. 

Roger’s friend had started off as a human.  One day, when the two boys were playing football, Higwid mistakenly drank a potion which had dropped out of Roger’s pocket.  It turned him into an invisible chicken nugget.
Roger and Higwid were watching the news on the telly.  They learned about someone going into space. 

Roger said, “Whoa! When I’m older I want to go into space too!”

“I really don’t care,” Higwid replied.

“But it would be fun,” said Roger. “And we would be famous if we discovered a new planet.”

Higwid thought about it for awhile.  Roger could see his glasses moving because he was scratching his head.
“It might be a good idea because we would be billionaires and get whatever we want!” said Higwid. “And besides, we wouldn’t be bullied anymore.”

The two friends went to the lab in the basement of Roger’s house.  They went into the kitchen and opened the fridge door. 

“Climb in,” said Roger.  He pulled back the milk carton and off they went.

The lab was decorated with pictures of superheroes and all the inventions that Roger had made before. It also had Roger’s superhero costume in a glass case. 

Roger’s superhero costume was red and made out of a soft and shiny material.   It had a blue “R” on the back. 

“Let’s make a potion that will give us flying powers and invisibility so we can go to space,” said Roger while he was putting on his lab coat...