Roger That

Catherine McAuley National School, Baggot Street, 6th Class, 26 October 2012
Roger the alien was a crash test dummy on his home planet (Roger didn’t realise this was his job).

The captain of his spaceship had told Roger to test out the new hyper-drive space shuttle What-cha-ma-callit.

The hyper drive went bananas when it went past the astroid belt and it went loop-de-loop around all the planets until it crashed into Earth.

The What-cha-ma-callit had landed in the swimming pool of a family in Boston. Steve, the twelve year old boy who lived there, found Roger.  He had been inside playing video games when he heard the crash.

“OMG!” Steve screamed, running outside.
Roger was knocked out by the crash so Steve pulled him out of the shuttle and brought him up to the attic.
Roger was out cold for five hours. Steve threw Roger back into the pool to try and wake him up. Roger finally woke up, choking on some water.

Roger started screaming, waving his arms and waggling his tongue. Steve was screaming too!

Just then, Steve’s dad Stan came home. Stan was a CIA agent. When he saw Roger, he said to Steve, “We’ll have to bring him into the office. This is an especially ugly species of alien, and we need to run some tests.”

Steve didn’t want the alien to go. He told his father, “Dad, I don’t want you to take him – he’s my pet!”

Meanwhile, Roger was looking at the two heads of Steve and Stan.  He was terrified of hair and was scared of Steve’s hair and Stan’s wig.

On his planet, hair-balls were bombs. Roger said “You either shave your heads or I go!”.....