Robo and Max's Adventure

St. Thomas’, 4th Class, County Wicklow, 7th February 2019

Once upon a time in Popoville, there was a dog called Max with an owner who always talked and chit-chatted.

One day when Max was barking, “stop talking,” at his owner, something strange happened. His owner stopped blabbing.

Then, after sixty seconds of silence while his owner Bob gave him food, the talking started again. It was like a virus.

Max thought, I want to fly away. He climbed up on the table and tried to fly but landed on his head.

“Ouuuuch,” Max howled. Bob did not notice because he was too busy talking to his pineapple.

Max barked at Bob and ran away with his phone in his mouth.

He knocked down one of his toys, a robot called Robo.

Robo activated as he began to twist his head. “How dare you knock me over!”

“Ah,” Max woofed. He didn’t know what to say.

“Hey Robo, I’m sorry I knocked you over but can you help me make wings so we can fly away and never come back?”

“Yes,” Robo replied. “But we need to find some things first: we need feathers from a bird and fur from a cat.”

Then, there was rattling and meowing coming from the ventilation system.

“Cat life form detected,” Robo said.

“B-b-but I don’t like cats!” Max stuttered.

The rattling got louder and Max felt shivers down his spine and started sweating.

Suddenly, the vent broke…