The Robbed Store

Scoil Mhuire's Iosaf 2nd/3rd Class , 24th February 2009
Veronica and Adam were a married couple who owned a shop. It was a jewellery shop.

One day they were busy selling jewellery to customers. They were saving up money to get a security guard because they are afraid of baddies.

They also wanted to go on holidays and needed somebody to mind the shop. Veronica and Adam were off to Spain on their holidays.

Adam said to Veronica “We need somebody to stay upstairs and mind the shop while we’re gone”.

“Don’t be ridiculous, the shop is closed.  It will be fine” said Veronica.
Later that night, while Adam and Veronica were on holiday, baddies broke the window and got into the shop.  They stole half the jewellery because the rest of it was put away in the safe.

Adam walked down the stairs.  “Don’t be silly, that’s not our store” he said.

The baddies were twins called Rob and Rotten. Rob was the security guard but had lied about his name to the shop owners. His fake name was Chris.

Rob said to Rotten “Veronica and Adam told me the security code for the safe”.

The alarm went off in the shop.  Veronica and Adam were in Spain when the news came on. 

The news reporter said that somebody saw robbers in a jewellery shop in Dublin 7 and they were taken off to jail.  The baddies told the police that they had given a fake name.

Adam was upstairs watching sports when Veronica called, “Adam, the jewellery shop is after getting robbed”...