The Rise of Mr. Potato Man

Scoil San Carlo Senior National School, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, 4th Class, Fighting Words Dublin, 12th February 2020

One day a clown apocalypse happened.

Mr Potato Man was very scared. Soon after, Peto the Potato Crisp kicked Jimmy the Goat into a pond.

Unfortunately, the goat couldn’t swim.

Jimmy the Goat screamed, “Help!”

Mr Potato Man became Super Potato in order to help Jimmy the Goat.

He helped him because the Loch Ness Monster was behind Jimmy.

Super Potato then flew up to space to the NESSA Irish space station.

Mr Potato was no longer friends with Jimmy the Goat.

Meanwhile, Bob the Burger attacked Peto the Potato Crisp and the Loch Ness Monster during the clown apocalypse.

The clown apocalypse had threatened to eat Bob the Burger, so Bob tried to eat Peto the Potato Crisp instead.

The clown apocalypse ate the cheese off of Bob to help Peto the Potato Crisp get back at the burger...