Richard the Rich Baby

Virgin Mary School Ballymun 5th Class, 16th March 2009
Once there was a baby who was so rich his nappies were made of gold.

His name was Richard and he was two and a half years of age.

One day he was in the bathroom and he saw a silver fish. He poured some Red Bull on it and it started to fly.

The fish started talking and said “Hi, my name is Bob.”
Richard the Rich Baby was speechless.

Bob the Flying Fish said “Answer me, Rich Baby.”

Richard the Rich Baby said to him “Oh my god you can talk. Oh my god I can talk.”

Then Richard the Rich Baby and Bob the Flying Fish started talking and they became best friends.

Bob was a magic flying fish and he gave Richard the Rich Baby one wish.

“I wish I could be a Super Baby,” said Richard.

Bob asked: “Are you afraid of anything?”

“I’ve a terrible fear of potties,” said Richard the Rich Baby.

Bob the Flying Fish said “You must face your fears before you can become a Super Baby.”

Richard the Rich Baby said “I’m afraid I’ll fall into the potty and drown.”....