A Rich Man and His Dog

St. Francis of Assisi Primary School, Balgriffin, 2nd Class, 4th December 2012
Once upon a time, there was a man who was rich and his name was Joe.

He was so handsome that all the ladies liked him.  He was rich because he had won the Euromillions lottery.

Joe’s best friend Rosie was really nice to him.  Rosie was a chihuahua puppy dog and her favourite thing was to play catch.

“I’m so glad that I have you as a pet,” said Joe to Rosie, “because sometimes I’m lonely and I’ve no one to play with.”

“Thank you for saying that to me,” replied the dog. “I have no one to play with but I have you, so that’s a good thing.”

Joe had a dream: to meet his favourite movie star! The movie star was called Metal Black. He lived in Poland and starred in comedy films.

However, Joe’s greatest fear was losing his handsomeness and he thought that he wouldn’t like to lose it in Poland.

Joe came up with an idea. He would phone the movie star and ask him, “Why don’t you come over? I’m rich, so I can fly you over.”

The puppy dog said, “Why, Joe! That is a great idea! Why don’t we call him?”..