The Revenge of the Toilet Donkeys

St. Francis of Assisi National School, Balgriffin, 3rd/4th Class, 14 November 2011
Sally wakes up in her bed one morning. 

It is a lovely warm day in adventure world and Maxi the Chihuahua, her best friend, starts licking her face.

Sally checks her email and sees that the president of Adventure World has emailed her with details of today’s adventure.

“There are five diamonds: red, green, black, blue and yellow. 

The Army of Donkeys who have to go to the toilet have stolen them and we need to recover them,” the president told her. 

“The donkeys flushed them down the toilet and they got sent to the five corners of the world. 

It is your mission to retrieve the diamonds.”

Sally jumps into a portal with Maxi. Instead of going to one of the corners of the world, by accident, she went to an army of donkeys that were in the bathroom of the Toilet Palace. 

It seems as if one of the diamonds is hidden in the toilet palace after all; on top of the golden toilet.

Sally and Maxi make a break for the diamond but the donkey ninjas appear. 

Sally sticks her hand through the portal, reaches behind the donkey ninjas and retrieves the red diamond. 

When she turns around all the donkeys are wearing ‘I Heart Toilets’ t-shirts.

Sally and Maxi then set off to find the other four diamonds.