The Revenge of the Ninja Monkey

St. Brendans NS School Artane, 6th Class March 24th 2011
One day on the Pendonk farm, in Russia, where it’s cold, Alfredo meets General Nicolai.
Alfredo, the ninja monkey, is looking for a comrade to take on the Three Headed Albino Whale, aka Jeffrey.

Alfredo goes up to Nicolai and says, “I need a comrade!”

“I’ll give you Cornflake. He comes with a bowl of milk. He will spit super-hard cornflakes at Jeffrey that will knock him out.

Make sure you keep his bowl filled - that is how he gets his energy. But I have to say, he is also accident prone,” says Nicolai.

“In trade for Cornflake, I’ll bring you back Jeffrey,” says Alfredo

Nicolai agrees. “For that I will give you an army of Pendonks.”

Cornflake and the Pendonks fly with Alfredo to Antartica to fight, and get, Jeffrey…