The Rescue of Tickles

Donabate Portrane Educate Together National School, Donabate, 3rd Class, 14th January 2019

Once upon a time there was a sweet shop that had a doughnut called Tickles.

Tickles’ best friend was called Ginny the Marshmallow. Ginny lived across the shop from Tickles.

One day, Tickles was bought out of the shop and Ginny had to save him. Tickles was put in a box and carried out of the shop!

“I’ll be back for some more,” said the customer.

Ginny only had 20 days to save them before they went out of date…

Ginny the Marshmallow decided to make a plan.

Ginny got her brother and they decided to make a very long, long plan.

“We’ll wait until the person comes back and jump into the box and save Tickles!” Ginny and her brother said together.

“We should think of another plan. I’m not sure this one will work,” said her brother.

“We’ll put the marshmallows on special offer.

They’ll only cost 10 cents so people will be running everywhere for marshmallows.

Or we could break through the glass and take five of Tickles’ friends to get back up,” Ginny suggested.

“But we still don’t know where they went. 

Tickles could have already been eaten!” Ginny’s brother cried.

When the special offer was on, a lady came in and bought them. But it was the wrong customer…