The Rescue of the Puppy

Virgin Mary GNS, Ballymun 2nd Class Tuesday 12th April
Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a princess called Lula.

She lived in a big pink flowery castle with her mam and dad – Queen Doris and King Max.

Sparkles the White Princess lived in a big white diamond castle nearby.

One day Princess Sparkles knocked at Lula’s flowery door and asked, “is Lula home?”

Queen Doris answered, “yes, I’ll just see if she’s coming out to play today.”

Queen Doris went upstairs but she couldn’t find Lula.

One of the maids told her that Lula had gone to Sparkles house.
“She must have taken a different route,” said Queen Doris.

At the White Diamond Castle Princess Lula was knocking on the door looking for her best friend Sparkles.

Sparkles went the way that Lula had gone first and then Lula went the way that Sparkles had gone.

“GRRRRRRR!!!!!” said both Princesses, Lula and Sparkles.

They both decided to go to the park and finally they bumped into each other on the swings.

And they both said “I was looking for you everywhere!”

“I have a surprise for you,” said Sparkles, “I have a puppy for you, it’s back at my castle,”

“Yippyyy,” shouted Lula, “thank you, thank you, thank you!”

They went back to the White Diamond Castle together to get the puppy but the castle was on fire