The Real Boy

Holy Trinity SNS, Donaghmede, 6th Class, 25th September 2012
It all started when Vangelina Van was bitten by a llama.

She was just a normal van until the bite went into the engine and magically infected her.  Ever since then, she has been the freak of all the talking cars.

Out of all the talking cars, though, Betty Beetle was the nicest. She turned out to be Vangelina Van’s best friend.

One day while Vangelina Van was driving around with Betty Beattle, she saw a Mini zoom past her.

She asked her friend, “Who is that good-looking Mini?”

Betty Beetle answered her, “Oh, that’s just Vinnie the Mini, he’s the captain of the car rugby team.”

Later that evening, Betty Beetle was talking to Vinnie the Mini.

She said, “Vangelina Van really likes you and thinks you’re really car-some!”

Vinnie replied, “I like her too. I’d like to organise a date with her at midnight.”