Rain and Her Dream

St. David's BNS, 4th Class Fighting Words Wicklow, 16 March 2021

Rain the rainbow dragon woke up to loads of thunder and rain. She hit her head on the top of the roof. She felt a lot of pain and she was furious!

The pain melted away when she saw the rain outside.

With joy, she ran out and saw a rainbow. 

Rain suddenly noticed that someone had moved into the cave next door.

It looked like a bear cave. She saw a black and white bear walking by who had something in his hand.

It was a piece of bamboo.

Rain went over to the bear and asked him his name.

‘It’s nice to meet you. My name is Banbow,’ said Banbow. He invited Rain into his cave.

When they entered the cave, Banbow’s black and white fur changed colour. His fur glowed neon blue and pink.

‘Are you a panda?’ asked Rain.

‘Yes, I am a rainbow panda. My parents fought in the Panda Dragon war.

I used to be a black & white panda but when I was a child I crawled a rainbow and my fur changed colour.’

Rain told Banbow that her greatest wish was to walk on a rainbow.

After a little while of talking, they both got bored and decided to try and walk on a rainbow…