The Quest for the Marshmallow Narwhal

St Joseph's NS, Arklow Library, 4th Class, 09 April 2019

Lucy the Pink Skinny Alien Legend lived in the Andromeda galaxy.

She was flying her spaceship that she stole from Bob the Immortal Octopus.

She was on her way to meet Billy Bob the farmer. She went to Billy Bob the farmer to ask for a marshmallow narwhal.

He had a map to the milky way, where she could find one. She also had to ask him for some raw salmon so she could feed the narwhal.

She had to pay six cents for the salmon, and ten million space euros (which was not a lot in space money) for the map. She had enough money.

When she leaves, Farmer Billy Bob realizes it was fake money.

He rides his space cow after her, but he gets lost and his cow gets hungry and eats him.

When she goes to get her friend Lily the Human, she realizes the house is on fire.

Bob the Immortal Octopus had set her house on fire because she had stolen his spaceship. . .