Pudge and Tubby

St Brigida's GNS, 6th class, Cabinteely

Pudge the secret agent, and Tubby his Hippo, wandered the streets looking for their pet pig, Baconbits.

Tubby set off a car alarm as he tried to waddle down a narrow road.

“Squeeze,” cried Pudge as he tried to push Tubby on to the subway train.

“Yes!” Pudge said as he finally managed to get Tubby on it.

But Tubby was too heavy for the train and broke it.

“Argh-Tubby, you’re so fat. I wish you would disappear,” exclaimed Pudge. Tubby was so upset that he burst into tears and ran away.

“It’s your fault for not giving me the money to go to Curves,” said Tubby as he went.